Mine Keeper Mine Keeper

Mine Keeper is a simulation game where you play as a dwarf lord and create one of those great kingdoms of yours. Build your own town, and take care of your nation. Collect fruits and sell them to provide food for your people. Provide better houses for a living and build new facilities or direct your money to create your military forces from an army of dwarves. Mine into deep mines to get valuable stones and gems. Don't forget to take your troops with you because there are monsters in the mine! As your kingdom becomes known, more people will move in to live and work, and you will be able to hire farmers and soldiers. Build new facilities for crafting, and get new resources. Create the greatest kingdoms of all time!


Use WASD / arrow keys / drag left-click to move around.

Mine Keeper is an online game that we hand picked for 110i.com. This is one of our favorite mobile free games that we have to play. Tap the screen and start having fun!
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