Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about what kind of personal data we gather in order to provide our offers and internet game services, and how this data is processed and handled. Your personal data protection is very important to us.

Your data is secured against abuse and loss. We took the organizational and technical measures to make sure that our inside and outside collaborators follow these instructions regarding data protection.

This Privacy Policy contains transparent information in order to ensure that the natural persons who visit our webpage and our consumers are duly informed of the gathering, processing and use of their personal data.

Personal Data

Personal data is information regarding a natural or identifiable person (i.e. name, address, telephone number, date of birth or email address).

At we gather the following personal information when a user registers and starts using our Service: Name, surname(s), email, sex, date of birth, IP address and some non-personal information, such as local flash information and statistical data (browser, OS, URL that redirected to our site, date and time).

The data you provide to is included in our files registered to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (hereunder , “AEPD?€). The AEPD is in charge of supervising the compliance with Spanish law about data privacy and protection and guaranteeing the privacy and security of your personal data.

You can use our online offer without providing personal data, but certain services may require said details, such as game and competition registrations.

Legal base and purpose of data processing

We gather personal information with the purposes hereunder:

  • online offer provision and contract compliance according to our Terms of Service.
  • allowing the proper identification as a User and granting access to the Services and mobile apps made available by the Owner through the data entered by the User when completing their website and/or game registration.
  • offering help when personal information is entered in order to make an inquiry.
  • successfuly completing the process when personal information is entered in order to use and/or pay for Services.
  • using said information to the extent permitted by law and the User's consent through the Owner and/or third-party ads, market research and/or statistic.
  • complying with legal regulations, particulary storage requirements.

We also process user data to the extent that it is necessary for the performance of Services or for the billing thereof. This refers in particular to game processes, game scores and information regarding the use and payment of services. We also use your data to communicate with you. This includes, in particular, the provision of assistance and support as well as the provision of important contract information. Subject to your consent, we keep you informed about news, events and promotions via e-mail.

Data protection during the application process

We collect personal data from applicants to process applications, which will be saved upon the conclusion of an agreement to implement the relationship. The legal regulations shall be considered here. In the event of a rejection, the application documentation will be deleted no later than after two months. An exception to this is, for example, if we have to retain the application documents as evidence in a legal process or if other legitimate interests exist. We will request your consent should we retain application documents in our pool of applicants for a longer period to the extent permitted by law.

Financial information

In order for some Services to be successfully completed, specifically payment procedures, the User may employ third-party services in no way related to Moosite, S.L. (Paypal, Toditocash, PaySafeCard, etc.). These third-party companies are compelled by law to handle the User's personal data in a safe and confidential manner. As such, the procedures related to the User's credit card and/or any other personal information related to payments will be directly processed by these third-party companies, therefore Moosite, S.L. will have no access to the User's credit card details and/or any other payment systems employed. For such purposes, you are advised to read the service provider's terms and conditions before starting a payment process. Should you not agree to the conditions therein stated, please do not proceed with the payment.

Consequently, the information gathered in order to complete a successful Minicoin purchase will be entered and transmitted directly by the third party responsible of the selected payment gateway. Moosite, S.L. will under no circumstances have access to the payment details. Moosite, S.L. will only access the sum deposited by the User in order to exchange the money for Minicoins.

The third-party owners of the payment services made available are exclusively responsible thereof. Moosite, S.L. takes absolutely no place in such operations; therefore you are advised to read the service provider's terms and conditions before starting a payment process. In such instances, Moosite, S.L. will be considered a third-party unrelated to such processes.